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Dominika Gołubczyk


I am at the beginning of my research career, working towards my Ph.D. I am lucky to work on exciting projects and collaborate with an outstanding team of scientists. My main project focuses on inducing an ischemic stroke in pigs using a minimally invasive endovascular technique. Such a model was a holy grail in the field because pigs are a very desirable species for stroke modeling; however, due to the complex anatomy of the cerebral vessels, ischemia induction has been an elusive goal. Excitingly, recently we found an excellent solution to meet this challenge, and we successfully induced a stroke with a local catheter-based intra-arterial injection of thrombin. My goal is to capitalize on this success and use this ischemia model to test novel neuroprotective drugs' therapeutic efficacy. Privately I am training crossfit and playing video games.

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